A Constructive New Approach to Improving U.S. Environmental Law

Book Cover

David Schoenbrod, Richard B. Stewart, and Katrina M. Wyman; Illustrations by Deborah Paulus-Jagric

After several decades of significant but incomplete successes, environmental protection in the United States is stuck. Administrations of both parties have fallen well short of the goals of our environmental statutes. Distinguished environmental law scholars David Schoenbrod, Richard B. Stewart, and Katrina M. Wyman identify the core problems with existing environmental statutes and programs and explain how Congress can fix them. Based on a comprehensive project involving more than fifty leading environmental experts, this book is a call to action through public understanding based on nonpartisan proposals for smarter, more flexible regulatory programs to protect the environment, encourage green technology, and stimulate the economy.

AVAILABLE NOW FROM Amazon, Yale Press, Barnes & Noble, and Borders“Our environmental laws badly need re-thinking. This book makes that case and then charts a course for action. A straightforward, comprehensive, and persuasive case for reform.”  William D. Ruckelshaus, Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1970–1973 and 1983–1985.


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