Nuclear Waste

Richard Stewart is a member of the Consortium on Risk-Based Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation, which functions as an independent think tank on nuclear waste issues for the Department of Energy and provides analysis and advice to the agency on nuclear waste policy.  His article in the NYU Environmental Law Journal Breaking the Logjam Symposium, “U.S. Nuclear Waste Law and Policy: Fixing a Bankrupt System,” 17 N.Y.U. Envir. L. J. 783 (2008), was selected in 2009 by a joint group from the Environmental Law Institute and Vanderbilt Law School as one of the best articles of the year offering legal and policy solutions to pressing environmental law problems, and published in modified form as “Solving the U.S. Nuclear Waste Dilemma,” 40 Environmental Law Reporter News & Analysis 10783 (2010).

Stewart presented his proposals for reform of U.S. nuclear waste law at a conference co-sponsored by the Environmental Law Institute and Vanderbilt University Law School in April 2009 in Washington, D.C., and to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, at the invitation of the Commission, in November, 2010.

His book, written with Jane Stewart, Fuel Cycle to Nowhere? U.S. Law and Policy on Nuclear Waste, is now available.